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What you think matters

 What would you think?

What would you spend your time thinking about if you knew that your thoughts would eventually determine your reality? If you knew that your beliefs, your values, and your priorities would directly determine the quality of your life, what would you believe and what would you value?

The fact is, your thoughts, your beliefs, your priorities do indeed affect your reality. No, you can't "poof" something into existence by merely thinking about it. Yet those things you keep in your mind do very much guide your actions on a moment-by-moment basis. What you focus on cannot help but become what you do.

Where else would your actions, results and consequences come from if not from your thoughts? You are in control of your life and the way to most effectively exercise that control is through the quality of your thoughts, your beliefs and your values. These things do matter. They matter very much. It's your life, so take the time and effort to think positively about it at every opportunity.

-- Ralph Marston