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Pleae email your camp information or photos of your Little Inidan at any football camp and I will post your info and photos. (Sandy Thompson)

Offense Defense Football Camp 2002

Offense, Improved Skill and Defense MVPs

Congradulation Little Indian, Julian Pendergast for being chosen as Defense MVP at the NFL Offense Defense Football Camp 2002.  At the OD camp, the players are to chose an offense and defense position.  During scrimmages, the camper has to chose O or D.  Julian chose D.  His Defensive Coache was Mike Reed form Kansas City.  Mike pick up on Julian's leadership ability right away. Julian's leadship ability has been overlooked due to his quietness.  Mike pointed out how Julian was quiet, yet aggressive.  Very coachable.  Willing to help and direct other players. Very knowledgeable.  (So WA Coaches have taught Julian alot over the last few years)  Let's see what OD Julian can bring home with him.